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Technical audit -  special independent expertise based on scheduled, comprehensive, extraordinary or thematic audits.

The task of a technical audit is to determine and clarify the level of technical equipment of the enterprise, the current state of the facility, identify existing problems, develop measures aimed at solving negative issues in the production sector.

A technical audit can be carried out by the organization itself or with the involvement of third-party expert engineering companies. Despite the high cost of expert services, the involvement of a third-party specialist will be a more justified solution. An independent expert will take a fresh look at the current situation in the organization, conduct a technical examination for it, identify problems, and issue an appropriate conclusion.

аудит проышленных объектов

The main principles of technical audit include:

  • independence and objectivity. The one who conducts the audit gives an objective assessment of the current situation. This specialist has neither property nor material interest in a particular enterprise;

  • confidentiality. The auditor before the procedure signs an appropriate agreement on non-disclosure of the results of the audit. It is allowed to transfer information to third parties only on the basis of a request from the judicial authorities or with the consent of the client;

  • competence. The checking specialist is a person with a high level of education, professionalism, integrity.

The main goal of a technical audit is to collect, systematize, analyze, and comprehensively evaluate the information obtained during the audit, as a result of which an expert opinion, recommendations and proposals are issued to bring production facilities and equipment to compliance with established norms, requirements, and rules.

Members of the APPS alliance provide consulting services for the Technical Audit   in the following areas:

-  Industrial facilities

- Network engineering

- Clean rooms

- Technological processes

industrial facilities

промышленный аудит

network engineering

инженерные сети

clean rooms

чистые помещения

technological processes

технолоические процессы

Technical audit services   can be performed in the following scope:

- Analysis of technological and technical documentation

- Inspection of objects of technical audit

- Analysis for compliance with project documentation and the results of visual inspection of objects

- Instrumental and visual inspection of building communications, building structures in order to determine the technical condition and the possibility of reconstruction or safe operation

- Laboratory testing of reinforced concrete

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