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Wood = Wood - man has used wood for thousands of years for many purposes, primarily as building material, for making furniture, home improvement, , cultivation of the surrounding space, helping and developing devices and simply works of art.

Wood has been the most popular material for many centuries. Firstly, it is an environmentally friendly building and finishing material, which, unlike others, does not cause allergies. Secondly, the tree is quite simple to process and very inexpensive material. And, thirdly, it perfectly contributes to the creation of comfort, and also gives an aesthetic appearance to the interior and exterior of the room.

Among the members of the APPS alliance there are manufacturers of wood products in the following areas:

- wooden toys

- educational games, materials, devices
- interior products
- furniture
- windows, doors, moldings

- children's towns, playgrounds

wooden Toys

деревянные игрушки

windows, doors, moldings

деревянные окна, двери, погонаж

educational games, materials, devices

развивающие игры

interior products

интерьерные изделия из дерева


деревяная мебель

wooden towns, playgrounds

деревянные детские площади

Professionals in their field - a professional approach to business

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