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Doors for clean rooms  are distinguished by full compliance with the requirements for clean room designs, high-quality assembly, and a well-functioning system of components.


For their production, a system of aluminum profiles has been developed, which allows you to assemble doors, the outer planes of which are coplanar throughout the entire structure of the doors, all surfaces of the doors are convenient for cleaning. Polymer powder-coated doors provide resistance to constant treatment with basic disinfectants.


Doors provide the level of tightness necessary to maintain the pressure drop in cleanrooms.


In addition to blind doors, it is possible to manufacture glazed doors, as well as doors with frosted glazing, with built-in blinds, and even with a mirror (for personnel to control workwear before entering the clean area from the changing room).

двери для чистых помещений

For gateway systems, a door interlock system with light and sound indication is provided.


The doors have a double seal around the perimeter, and two options for pressing to the floor: either with a threshold (with a higher degree of tightness),  or with a retractable threshold seal. Door hinges have hidden design, handles are selected for the overall design of the premises.


Doors can be equipped with closers, in some cases - with automatic drives.


It is possible to equip the doors with a more advanced access control and management system (ACS).


All door fittings are imported.

To ensure fire safety requirements for fire resistance of doors in fire barriers, steel doors with a fire resistance of 30 and 60 minutes are offered.

двери для чистых помещений

doors for clean rooms

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