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ECOVITARIUM   is a universal production bioenergy complex of a new generation that allows you to grow organic vegetables, herbs, fruits and berries 365 days a year  of exceptional quality and receive additional related products, chicken egg, goat milk, poultry meat, fish,   vermicompost, with significant savings in heating, fertilizer, and transport costs.

идея эковитария


Ecovitarium - an energy-efficient ecosystem for year-round production of environmentally friendly agricultural products;

• Ecovitarium is designed on the principle of a closed ecosystem, all zones of which function optimally in interaction with each other. It accumulates the thermal energy of the living organisms living in it and the Sun, optimally distributes it in the internal space, regulating the microclimate;

• Ecovitarium, thanks to its technology, minimizes the cost of soil fertilization and heating, which reduces the main costs of crop production.


- Ecovitarium is intended for obtaining plant  products,  products  animal husbandry, charcoal, earthworm, biohumus concentrate and thermal energy.

- The technical result is a comprehensive, most efficient cultivation of animal and plant products with an increase in its productivity by 25-35% with minimal energy consumption.

- The bioenergy complex includes blocks for keeping animals isolated from the external environment, vermicultivation with a zone for growing poultry, breeding fish and growing plants. - Additionally, the complex contains a block of pyrolysis processes.

- The upper block is the animal housing block, followed by the vermicultivation block. Further down the slope is a fish breeding block, a plant vegetation block and a

pyrolysis processes. In all blocks the temperature is maintained from 20°С to 24°С. They are interconnected by water and gas exchange channels. The Ecovitaria technology uses pumped storage of thermal energy.

- In the vermicultivation unit, bacteria and worms, eliminating the smell,   process  manure and litter into valuable fertilizer - biohumus. The process releases the energy of burning manure and carbon dioxide, which is the basic element of the process of biosynthesis of green mass of plants in the vegetation plants block. Plants, absorbing carbon dioxide, produce oxygen for the respiration of animals and fish. Fish, feeding on a worm, secrete the most valuable  fertilizer for watering the same plants, etc.

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