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o kna and translucent structures for clean rooms

Inspection windows are designed for installation as part of the enclosing structures of clean rooms.

Viewing windows significantly increase the visibility and visual accessibility of the clean area. The use of viewing windows is advisable in almost all areas of production: pharmaceuticals, microbiology, medicine and medical institutions, microelectronics and other industries.


International standard GOST ISO 14644-4-2002

смотровое окно для чистых помещений

Blinds and curtains, if necessary, are located outside, or between panes when using double or triple glazing.


Materials and installation of viewing windows

When choosing materials, chemical, thermal and mechanical effects during operation are taken into account. Depending on the purpose of the cleanroom, properties such as conductivity and outgassing of materials can be significant. Tempered glass, tinted glass, fire-resistant glass, static dissipative PVC, polycarbonate and acrylic are used depending on the purpose of the cleanroom.

окна для чистых помещений

For most cleanrooms, dissipative materials are recommended because static charge negatively affects the removal of contaminants outside the controlled area. Polycarbonate is suitable for chemical production, because. has a high resistance to acids, solvents and cleaning agents. When using acrylic, increased strength and transparency are achieved, but acrylic is highly susceptible to wear when in contact with strong cleaning agents, incl. with alcoholic products.


For the installation of viewing windows, profiles made of aluminum and stainless steel are used. Installation height, as a rule, no more than 90-100 cm from the floor. The thickness of the glass depends on the purpose and type of the Cleanroom. For modular, standard sizes are made that are most compatible with other elements of the module; for stationary clean rooms, customization is possible: the window is made according to individual dimensions and thickness.

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