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передаточный шлюз для чистых помещений

transfer chambers for clean rooms

Pass-boxes ( Pass-box, pass-through gateway)   meet the requirements of GOST R ISO 14644-4-2002 and are used in pharmaceutical, electronic, food, medical, microbiological, and other industries and medical institutions.

Transfer chambers are designed for transfer, return, locking of sterile materials and finished products with different purity classes without introducing significant disturbances into the air environment of adjacent premises. Acts as an air valve that prevents air from leaking from a room with a higher cleanliness class, where the pressure is higher, to a room with a lower cleanliness class; prevents the ingress of dust and maintains the stability of the environment in the clean room.


Transfer locks can be made according to the active principle with air supply through the HEPA filter according to the recirculation scheme, equipped with an interlock system, an ultraviolet lamp.

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