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Ceiling systems for clean rooms

Lightweight sealed steel ceiling

The basis for the construction of ceilings are cassettes or plates embedded in the grid, and profiles (T-shaped, etc. made of galvanized steel). The system uses a frame-suspension system  made of steel profiles with increased corrosion resistance and completely covered with polymer paint. For fastening to the main ceiling, adjustable suspensions are used.

Cassettes are made of galvanized sheet. primed  and polymer coated on the visible side. Ceiling cassettes  have a flat smooth surface. The coating does not emit particles, is resistant to disinfectants and UV radiation.

The standard cassette size is 600×600. The cassettes are rigidly fixed in the raster with the help of fasteners, they are motionless during washing and withstand high pressure up to 50 Pa.

Integrated lamps, air technical elements (air distributors, grilles, nozzles, etc.) are built into the ceiling, and sensors of control systems, fire alarms, etc. can also be located on it.

потолочные системы для чистых помещений

panel ceiling


The panel ceiling is made of panels similar to partition panels for clean rooms. In this case, a special framework is required. This frame is made of T-shaped aluminum profiles with polymer painting. Steel studs are used as a suspension. This aluminum frame can be filled with steel sheet instead of panels or 100% filters and air diffusers.

The panel ceiling is characterized by the fact that it carries a large static load, significant pressure (more than 150 Pa) and exceptional tightness.

потолочные системы для чистых помещений
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