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Шиендель Анна Алексеевна

Shmendel Anna Alekseevna

Shmendel Anna has extensive experience in designing industrial and civil construction facilities, successfully passing state and non-state examinations of project documentation, conducting architectural supervision, as well as in the design, construction and commissioning of "clean room" complexes


Since 1999 held the positions of engineer, lead engineer, chief project engineer in various construction and installation organizations. She was engaged in the design, selection of engineering equipment, commissioning of the constructed facilities.

Since 2010  - the direction of activity is directly related to engineering in the field of construction, technical re-equipment, reconstruction of pharmaceutical industries, medical institutions, microelectronics industries.



1994-1999 Nizhny Novgorod State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. Qualification engineer in the specialty "Heat and gas supply and ventilation"


Anna is a generalist. She was directly involved in the design and implementation of projects for the reconstruction and construction of "clean room" complexes from 100 to 2000 m2 for the needs of the pharmaceutical industry, microelectronics production, medical institutions, including in the conditions of existing industries. 

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