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with system of rounded profiles for clean rooms

To ensure effective cleaning and sealing , the corners and joints of the enclosing structures of cleanrooms must be decorated with appropriate elements.


Rounding profile - an aluminum profile used to design transitions "floor - wall", "wall - wall",  "ceiling-wall" in the inner corners of a clean room. This profile consists of two elements - reference and external.

Corner profile - an aluminum profile designed for decorative design of equipment passages through panels, slopes of doorways, etc. It can have different side widths.

External profile - an aluminum profile installed at the 90° joint of cleanroom partitions or cladding panels (outer corner).

Inner Corner Joint  is a cast aluminum element that connects rounded profiles to each other at the inner corners of the cleanroom.

Outside corner joint  is a cast aluminum element designed to connect a rounding profile at external corners.

End caps for round profile  - a cast aluminum element used as an end element  at the installation site of cleanroom doors or other openings.


скругляющие элементы для чистых помещний
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