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A unique activity is the design and construction of rack-mounted ships for civilian purposes and the Navy. This requires a high level of technical knowledge and a lot of know-how in the field of reinforced concrete shipbuilding, which guarantee efficient and reliable implementation of projects in accordance with customer needs.

Members of the APPS alliance carry out design, production, construction, testing in the field of shipbuilding and hydraulic structures in the following areas:

- floating docks

- vessels for social and recreational purposes (SRN)

- berths and hydraulic structures

- floating stations

- means of development of the continental shelf

- modernization of self-propelled vessels

- support vessels

- reinforced concrete structures

- laboratory testing of reinforced concrete

n floating docks

плавучие доки

from the facility for the development of the continental shelf

средства освоения континентального шельфа

good luck NRC

суда рекреационного назначения

l Laboratory testing of reinforced concrete

лабораторные испытания железобетона

with uda assurance

суда обеспечения

berths, hydraulic structures

гидротехнические сооружения

n floating stations

плавучие станции

modernization of self-propelled vessels

модернизация самоходных судов

w reinforced concrete structures

железобетонные конструкции

Professionals in their field - a professional approach to business

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