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Equipment for obtaining water with a negative redox potential enriched with hydrogen

The role of water in the life of the body:

Water is the basis of all living organisms

Water is a solvent for substances to ensure the normal functioning of organs and tissues.

Water  is a medium for exchange  biochemical processes and reactions.

Water is a transport system (transfer of nutrients, enzymes, metabolic products, gases, antibodies, etc.).

Water is the body's purifier of metabolic products, maintains the state of homeostasis (acid-base, osmotic, hemodynamic, thermal balance).

Water is necessary for the formation and removal of secrets and excretions from the body.

The general condition of the body depends on the quality and quantity  of water.

The role of hydrogen in the life of the body:

Hydrogen is the smallest  element on the planet.

Helps cleanse cells, intercellular space  and the whole organism.

Hydrogen is the most powerful antioxidant because of its tiny size and ability to penetrate into the cells and mitochondria of the body.

Non-toxic and safe, does not create side effects.

Tested  on over 140 different diseases with amazing healing results.

Activates and improves brain function.

It has anti-inflammatory properties and radioprotective action.

Supports the overall tone of the body, gives vigor and energy;

Lowers the level of cholesterol in the body.

Stabilizes blood sugar levels.

Helps maintain healthy blood pressure.

Free radicals and reactive oxygen species (ROS):

Free radicals in the human body  are highly reactive particles, unstable oxygen molecules (having unpaired electrons), seeking to take the missing electron from full-fledged molecules, which themselves become unstable. Their mechanism of action is aggressive oxidation, accompanied by damage to the cells of the body,   cells lose the ability to "communicate" with each other, the course of normal biochemical processes is disrupted.

Reactive oxygen species (ROS) are oxygen ions, singlet oxygen, free radicals and peroxides _cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad_5cf58 molecules with exceptional reactivity due to the presence of an unpaired electron on the outer electronic level.

радикалы в организме человека
процессы в организме человека

In humans, oxidative (oxidative) stress is the cause of many serious diseases, and is also one of the components of the aging process (apoptosis and phenoptosis

Causes of apoptosis and phenoptosis:

Scientists came to the conclusion that the basis of the destructive process of aging, the formation of malignant tumors, is a violation of the process of utilization of reactive oxygen species in the body, as well as a high level of oxidation of DNA, proteins and lipids, and a weakening of antioxidant protection.

причины апоптоза и феноптоза

We cannot globally influence the processes of phenoptosis, but everyone can increase life expectancy and make it healthy and happy. Drinking water with a negative ORP (redox potential) enriched with hydrogen, a powerful antioxidant, is one such solution.

The healing power of negative redox water enriched with hydrogen

Hydrogen-saturated water with a negative redox potential is an ideal antioxidant that neutralizes not only free radicals, ROS, but also has a healing effect on cell function, in particular, its most important energy organelle - mitochondria!

Advantage of negative ORP water enriched with hydrogen

- Contains a large number of free electrons.

- When reacting, it does not form secondary and tertiary, but still free radicals, as do other antioxidants, such as vitamin C (ascorbic acid) or vitamin E (tocopherol acetate), or selenium.

- Water with a negative ORP has an alkaline pH - i.e. prevents acidification of the body. - This is a unique combination of antioxidant and antioxidant properties. Almost all known antioxidants are acids: for example, the pH of vitamin C is 3.7.

- Water with a negative ORP enriched with hydrogen can be used in unlimited quantities without side effects and complications

вода с отрицательным ОВП

Innovative technology for electrochemical water activation

The plant consists of two coaxial electrochemical reactors. The cathode-anode group is made of titanium of a given density with a platinum coating. The membrane is made of oxide ceramics. The water in the reactor is exposed to a powerful electric field, due to which more than 99% of bacteria, microorganisms, toxins and heavy metals are destroyed and neutralized. As a result, the unit purifies, disinfects and dechlorinates water, gives stable ORP values and, due to a unique technology, saturates water with hydrogen:

электрохимическая активация воды

Equipment for producing negative redox water enriched with hydrogen

The Hybox unit with a connection kit for a sink is designed for cleaning, disinfection and dechlorination of tap water, giving it antioxidant properties. Water acquires a negative  redox potential and is enriched with hydrogen.

оборудование для получения воды с отрицательным ОВП

Purifiers  "Eca" with healthy drinking water, with a negative redox potential, enriched with hydrogen

Unlike similar devices, Purifier "Eca" has:

- a reliable tap water purification system, including: softening, disinfection, iron removal while maintaining the mineral-salt composition;

- reduces the redox potential (ORP) of water, due to which its taste qualities are significantly improved;

- technology of electrochemical activation (ECA) of water, which saturates water with hydrogen and antioxidants beneficial for human health;

- three-stage system of protection against leakage.



- Installations are designed to produce water enriched with hydrogen, with antioxidant properties;

- Electrodes made of inert material: titanium coated with platinum, zirconium, ruthenium;

- It is possible to obtain a wide range of preventive and therapeutic parameters of ORP and pH;

- In installations, the ionization process is preceded by water purification from organic and organochlorine compounds. In  the device has a built-in replaceable filter with carbon sorbent impregnated with silver, as well as a filter with ion exchange resin;

- Our installations are compact and have minimum dimensions, dimensions and high performance;

- Easy to maintain and operate, low power consumption, the warranty period for the reactor  is more than 25 years.

Convenience and comfort:

Instant supply of water enriched with hydrogen

More economical than water from a bottled cooler or bottled 3 times

Hot and cold water supply for cooking

No consumption limit

Disease prevention

Convenience and comfort in use

Increases energy tone and performance

Restores the body after physical and intellectual stress

Easy to connect,  use and maintain

Modern design


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